A First Look into the Ojamu Intelligence Platform

4 min readMar 31, 2022


Singapore, 31st March 2022 — Ojamu is introducing a first-hand look at its upcoming platform release, the Ojamu Intelligence Platform (OIP), an artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain-powered technology that provides Brands the insights and actionable intelligence they need to compete in the Web 3.0 economy.

Ojamu’s platform solution assists Brands already in the Web3 arena, as well as those just entering for the first time. The OIP is intended to automate and tailor by recommending Brand product marketing strategies that drive brand awareness, increase user acquisition, and build brand affinity. Using the OIP, Brands also gain access to key industry data and crypto wallet behavior, across leading Web2 and Web3 platforms and projects.

Powered by Ojamu’s proprietary Neural Predictive Engine and a suite of intelligent tool sets, the OIP solves dated approaches to business and product marketing. Ojamu optimizes brand positioning efforts across any industry vertical utilizing real-time data, AI, and Blockchain technology. By automating the process of analyzing vast amounts of data points Ojamu provides audience-relevant digital campaign recommendations that are actionable and perpetually in step with Blockchain-driven data feeds.

The platform is geared towards the NFT and Blockchain gaming industries, and ultimately the Metaverse, where these digital spaces will intersect and co-exist. Other use cases that are within current development plans include e-commerce, lifestyle and Web3 influencers.

Below is a preview at just some of the technologies used to help OIP users empower their Brands in the economy of the future.

Ojamu’s AI-driven prediction engine generates automated digital channel strategies for Brands in a decentralized way, including key market insights specific to NFTs, Metaverses, and related ecosystems. A primary focus for the OIP is crypto wallet behavior.

The competitor intelligence tool sets provide Brands access to ‘real-time’ campaign and content strategy data across leading networks. This allows OIP users to objectively verify what works for Brands trying to reach and continuously engage with their target audiences.

Ojamu’s Insights tool displays the correlation between Web2 and Web3 user behavior across key market data such as a Brands engagement on a particular social network like Twitter (Web2) and crypto wallet behavior metrics like native token price action (Web3).

Through these data sets, product marketing and research teams can understand how social activity impacts a project’s token holder count, user acquisition strategy and community growth, positively or negatively, at any point in time. With this intelligence, marketing teams and Brand executives are then able to strategize, optimize and allocate resources appropriately to meet their Brand’s business objectives via data-informed decisions.

To unlock these capabilities, OIP users first acquire an Ojamu NFT Access Pass, which they hold in a permissionless manner in Metamask or other Web3 wallets. The access pass enables users to gain full access to the OIP utility in a permissionless and decentralized fashion.

Along with the development of the OIP, Ojamu is proud of the many milestones it has reached so far. From an Ethereum Mainnet launch, to adding world class operators such as Google Analytics founding team member, Jason Senn and Blockchain industry legend Michael Terpin to the Ojamu advisory board, Ojamu is prepared for a massive 2022 and beyond.

Release dates for Ojamu’s first utility NFT drop, Beta Access and further partnerships will be announced in due course.

About Ojamu

Ojamu is an AI & Blockchain-powered platform providing brands the insights and actionable intelligence they need for the Web 3.0 economy. The Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP) securely accesses and cross-correlates key industry data from leading blockchain protocols. This allows brands to effectively position themselves within the Web3 world by utilizing ‘real-time’ data to form digital strategies that drive brand awareness, user acquisition and increased retention.

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Ojamu is an AI & Blockchain-powered platform providing Brands the insights and actionable intelligence they need for the Web 3.0 economy 🌐