Ojamu Partners with GameStation

3 min readOct 8, 2021


Singapore, 8th October 2021. As the company continues its growth, Ojamu announces its partnership with GameStation, a popular decentralized multi-chain gaming launchpad. GameStation aims to empower independent game developers and gamers to fund ideas without giving up their equity.

Ojamu is an Ai-powered Singapore-based MarTech company that aims to revolutionize the digital marketing space. Its Intelligent Platform is powered by Ai and Blockchain technology that helps Brands achieve their marketing goals with cutting-edge data-driven predictions.

As the world’s premier Blockchain-based gaming crowdfunding marketplace, GameStation offers pioneering solutions for gamers and game developers around the world. The strategic partnership with Ojamu will see GameStation deploy the Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP) to optimize its digital marketing campaigns and drive its user acquisition strategy.

Using its Neural Predictive Engine, Ojamu is capable of analyzing hundreds of millions of data points to provide real-time marketing strategy recommendations for GameStation. Ojamu’s technology will not only equip GameStation with data-driven predictions but will also save them time and overhead costs in the process.

Hal Bame, CEO of Ojamu:

“We’re extremely excited with the GameStation partnership. It’s clear that gaming will be one of, if not THE fastest-growing catalysts to bring mainstream adoption to crypto. GameStation is particularly well positioned to help these games get the launch they need and we couldn’t be happier to help bring GameStation’s message to the blockchain gaming world.”

Jason Kovar, CEO of GameStation:

“Ojamu is building an innovative platform for marketing in the crypto age. It will enable our marketing team to analyze social data and provide automated recommendations to maximize our digital efforts. This will also be of particular interest to our gaming development partners that utilize our launchpad. We are excited to collaborate with them and integrate Ojamu’s Ai into the GameStation platform and look forward to the growth of both ecosystems.”

About GameStation

GameStation is pioneering play-to-earn decentralized gaming by offering a Blockchain-based crowdfunding launchpad and marketplace. It is a multi-chain community-oriented gaming incubator and launchpad. The platform helps game developers raise funds and have direct access to a captive audience of gamers. GameStation also allows users access to an NFT marketplace where they can buy and sell in-game assets.

The key features of the platform include funding for game development, ownership of gaming assets, a marketplace to trade assets, and events systems for players and communities.

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About Ojamu

Ojamu is an Intelligent Platform that uses smart technology to create optimal marketing strategies. Ojamu employs Ai to source hundreds of millions of data points and provides real-time accurate and relevant recommendations by looking into unique data clusters and audience behaviors.

Powered by Blockchain technology, NFTs and Proprietary Ai, Ojamu offers automated digital marketing solutions to a wide range of clientele.

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