Ojamu Turns Powerful Brands Into Marketing Geniuses

Ojamu is a Singapore-based MarTech company with a vision to revolutionize digital marketing. Ojamu empowers brands using Ai (Artificial Intelligence) driven insights and cutting-edge automated solutions based on blockchain technology. Ojamu’s Neural Predictive Engine and platform form the core IP and the basis of its customer offerings.

The Ojamu Tech Stack

Cross-Chain Solution

Built as a cross-chain solution to be inter-operable with Ethereum, Polkadot and BSC. The Ojamu Intelligent Platform uses real-time data and a suite of proprietary Ai tools to predict the most effective digital marketing solution for a brand, product, service, or a combined bundle.


Ai trainable NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) collect hundreds of millions of data points in targeted industries for brand and digital agency clients. This data is fed into Ojamu’s proprietary Ai algorithms and intelligent suite of tools.

Neural Predictive Engine

Data is then analyzed, the proprietary prediction algorithms are applied, and the optimal digital marketing strategy with the highest probability of success is generated in an easy-to-follow roadmap format.

Immediate Access to Relevant Marketing Data

The lack of ‘intelligent’ toolsets and ‘real-time’ data is handicapping mid-size and large brands, making it difficult to keep an edge against agile new startups.

Blockchain Technology

Ojamu leverages NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) technology, mixed with the most cutting-edge MarTech blockchain and marketing prediction engine, plus marketplace functionality and governance.

Automated Marketing Strategy

The Ojamu platform automates, speeds up, and improves the accuracy of digital marketing campaigns.

Security is Paramount

Decentralized storage platforms fragment user files and distributes them across multiple nodes on the network.

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