Ojamu x Polygon Development

Singapore, 12th October 2021. Ai-based MarTech company Ojamu announces a technical development with the support of Polygon, a famous decentralized framework for interconnecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon strives to empower individuals and communities to exchange value without gatekeepers and intermediaries on the global scale.

The Ojamu Blockchain team has begun development on integrating with Polygon PoS in order to utilize the benefits of Polygon’s Ethereum scaling solution. Polygon PoS Chain is an EVM-compatible sidechain, secured by a set of PoS validators and checkpoints. The development will further improve the user experience in the Ojamu ecosystem by streamlining congestion problems. Further technical updates will be coming soon.

About Ojamu

Ojamu is an Intelligent Platform that uses smart technology to create optimal marketing strategies. Ojamu employs Ai to source hundreds of millions of data points and provides real-time accurate and relevant recommendations by looking into unique data clusters and audience behaviors.

Powered by Blockchain technology, NFTs and Proprietary Ai, Ojamu offers automated digital marketing solutions to a wide range of clientele.

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About Polygon

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. A decentralized team of contributors combines Ethereum and sovereign blockchains to create systems that solve problems while maintaining high levels of security.

Built by developers for developers, Polygon key features include ETH Compatibility, Scalability, Security, Sovereignty, Interoperability, User & Developer Experience and Modularity.

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